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How It Works

How it works

This is my hobby, not my business. Whilst I have plenty of pre-imagined itineraries, I have no pre-planned ones. As all tours are tailored, I can just provide guide services, or help with travel arrangements, food and lodging and other logistics as well - it's up to you.

What I like to do is chat to you, find out what you like and what interests you, and then give you some suggestions.

Where will you be before and after your time in the Westcountry?  And do you have any connections to the Westcountry you would like to explore?

What kind of things particularly interest you? I will try and cater for pretty much anything, so countryside, architecture, history, Westcountry icons (like Agatha Christie or the Hound of the Baskervilles), the seashore, legends, ghost stories, anything else....

What kind of transport do you want?  Anything from self-drive to a dedicated driver.

How much of your time do you want to be accompanied and how much on your own?

If you want help with accommodation, where do you want to stay? Anything from 5star plus luxury to local pubs or basic (but clean and comfortable) chain hotels.

What do you like to eat? Anything from fine dining to pub grub.

I will then come up with an itinerary and budget for my services and anything else you want included. 


Sample Itinerary

Sample Itinerary

Picked up from Bath.

Visited a church and churchyard with unexpected historical links.

Visited one of the last pubs of its kind in England.

Visited the ancient remains that may have been the real home of a legendary hero.

Wandered the streets of a "chocolate box" village and learned its unusual history.

Found pristine medieval art in a tiny church in the middle of nowhere.

Spent the night in a fine Edwardian Hotel by the sea.

Discovered a foreign community hidden in plain sight.

Wandered the streets of a cathedral city founded by the Romans.

Heard the haunting story at the site of a local tragedy.

Walked through the wilderness to the legendary home of ancient beings.

Ate rabbit pie at a remote inn and discovered the relics of abandoned villages and industries.

And all the while hearing stories of the history, geography and demography of England.

The cost for the above itinerary (high season, 2 guests sharing, private car, breakfast included, other meals excluded): approximately £1500 per person.

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